Accelerit Technologies is proud to announce that it is a 100% black-owned company that is disrupting and pioneering a change in the ITC industry.
 Being a Level 1 BEE company certainly deepens our transformational role in South Africa. It is very exciting to recognize and appreciate that our BEE rating also increases the competitiveness of our clients and associates in South Africa.
As an organization that encourages and values socioeconomic transformation within the ITC industry. Accelerit Technologies specialise in transforming the careers of our aspirants and the businesses of our clients By partnering up with Accelerit Technologies, we offer key advantages to everyone in our supply chain both commercially as well as increasing their own BEE scores. The key advantages are -: Businesses that procure only from Level 1 suppliers (Accelerit Technologies) spend less but claim more: for every R1.00 our customers spend with us they can claim R1.35 against their own preferential…

Accelerit is now Available in Mpumalanga via Dynamic Fibre

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Hello everybody - Finally we are super excited to announce we are available in the Mpumalanga region (Witbank, Middleburg and more to come soon) via Dynamic Fibre's network. Dynamic Fibre has already passed over 1000 homes in this region and all you need to do to get connected is apply via this link and we will arrange your installation ASAP as per Dynamic Fibre schedule.

First Open Access ISP on Vodacom Fibre - Accelerit :)

The national, low cost, prepaid Internet service provider has become the first ISP to launch on the Vodacom’s open access network to offer FTTH (Fibre to the Home) services.
In the modern times of high-speed internet at a lower cost, Accelerit’ s unique offering serves ideal to the end user who just wants to get the internet they need, enjoy speed they want and pay for a service they love. Complimented with the quick and easy online application portal, clients can seamlessly fully manage their prepaid account to conduct upgrades and reactivations. No fuss. Present at all three Teraco Data Centres (Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town), Accelerit’ s offering is available across the country on all Vodacom Estates

Accelerit Fibre To Home - Vodacom Package 10/5 10/10 20/10 20/20 40/20 40/40 100/50 100/100 Link Speed 10/5mbps 10/10mbps 20/10mbps 20/20mbps 40/20mbps 40/40mbps 100/50mbps 100/100mbps Monthly Premium R623,00 R693,00

Finally - Accelerit Licenced Uncapped Internet!

Accelerit has partnered with Comsol to finally offer affordable business wireless broadband connectivity across South Africa.
“ Comsol has been providing last mile access to fibre and wireless networks across South Africa using wireless technology, connecting the customer and the network. The problem with this model is that each solution is designed specifically for a particular customer or Network Operator / Service Provider, making each solution - on an individual basis - costly and complex. With this in mind, Comsol has evolved to bridge the gap between fibre and access, enabling efficient and effective partnerships between Service Providers and Enterprise. Offering reliable, carrier grade, dedicated, high speed last mile access solutions to over 200 metropolitan areas and towns in South Africa* - and extending even beyond that - our network is built on an open access platform, meaning that the connection is a purely layer 2, end-to-end, medium and service agnostic solution.” www.c…

Fibre Fibre I want me some Fibre!

There's a lot of exciting activity in the FTTH space - What's been keeping you guys busy at Accelerit? Our primary focus in 2018 was to scale our network adequately to cater for the explosive growth we experienced. The growth caught us some what off-guard as we were relatively new in the fibre space with very limited marketing. Through word of mouth however we quickly realized that people had been waiting for a product crafted around their needs and our Prepaid Fibre product delivered exactly that.
What were major challenges experienced by Accelerit?
Among some of the challenges we experienced were availability of IPv4 public IP addresses as we do not do any natting on our FTTH network. Any one who has dealt with AfriNIC (The custodian on IP address in Africa) of late will know that it’s a bit of a lengthy process to get IPv4 blocks lately but eventually in December we were assigned additional ranges. There are still issues that we come across from time to time due to the fibre …